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SuperPro spf1590ak

  • Manufactured By: SuperPro
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Market Price: $153.32 - $180.38

  • Polyelast Mount and Washers
  • Vehicle Application Information:
Durometer 70A (Daily Driving)
Bearing Included

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SuperPro SPF1590AK - Front Strut Mount

SuperPro SPF1590AK - Front Strut Mount

The SPF1590AK is made of SuperPro's new material: Polyelast. Polyelast features the performance, lifespan, durability and structural properties of high quality polyurethane, with the comfort, quiet and isolation properties of traditional rubber. This new strut mount will not collapse or separate like the OE rubber one is prone to. The SPF1590AK allows the strut to maintain its alignment while your suspension travels.

User Reviews

Ya never know ... until you've tried it!

WOW, Best Strut Mount Ive seen!!!

I installed these Polyelast Strut Mounts on my 2005 GTO, and WOW, I was impressed!!!!! I am an experienced mechanic, who replaced the original strut mounts several years ago, in the GTO with the GM replacement mounts that failed and sagged almost immediately. These Polyelast Strut Mounts with bearings are extremely well made, and are the best replacement mounts you can buy. Do not waste your money on the plain rubber mounts, these mounts do not sag like the rubber ones. These mounts have made the GTO feel New again, what a great improvement for the front suspension!!!

Nicholas J Macchia

On a scale of 1-10 I give them a 10

I highly suggest purchasing these strut mounts. They are a high quality and the ride quality is much better than my poly mounts. Theyre the best of both worlds stronger than oem and softer than poly. When riding over bumps I do not hear or feel impact. I needed these fairly quickly the customer service during my purchase was excellent. I will be ordering from this company for their great products but most importantly the customer service. Editors Notes: SuperPro bushings are poly urethane. They are formulated differently than other poly manufacturers. SuperPro bushings are softer, but are just as durable.

Ulisses Maria

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Impreza WRX Suspension Bushing Overhaul

Give your WRX that edge you need with this Master Kit from Energy Suspension

Stop That Vicious Cycle

It’s a vicious cycle. Soft rubber bushings on a suspension result in deflection, which leads to the soft rubber bushings wearing faster. It is a cycle that you surely were not thinking about when you were first handed the keys to your Impreza and dreams of flying around corners with perfect handling began to consume your mind. The adrenaline rush that comes with a four wheel drift would come to an end pretty quickly when the tires have worn because of the bump steer caused by; you guessed it, soft rubber factory bushings. Thankfully, there is a solution to return your Impreza to the grandeur of old. Energy Suspensions’ 19.18102, a Master Bushing kit for your 08-14 Subaru Impreza WRX.

With Energy Suspension’s HyperFlex Master Kit 19.18102, you can complete a total overhaul of your suspension without costing an arm and a leg. The polyurethane bushing replacement will do away with the soft rubber bushings and replace them with Energy’s performance polyurethane. Polyurethane is durable and can withstand even the toughest of contaminants thrown its way. With these reliable performance bushings in place, your suspension will be given that boost it needs to improve handling and braking.

The 19.18102 also has an option of color: red or black. The letter indicator at the end of the part number will tell you what color bushings should be included in the box. For black the letter indicator is “G” and the red, “R.” That is 19.18102G for black and 19.18102R for red. Both of these colors use the same durometer and have the same cost, so go with whichever color you desire.

Front Control Arm Bushings

Bushings To Be Replaced

The 19.18102 includes the Front Control Arm bushings, the Front Sway Bar bushings, the Steering Rack bushings set, the Shifter Bushings, the Transmission Cross-member bushings, the Rear Sway Bar bushings and End Links and the Rear Control Arm bushings. Each one of these bushings play an integral role in the performance of your suspension, so it is important to go with only the best material of suspension bushings.

Front Control Arms

Your front control arms handle a lot of stress, so it is no wonder why these are high failure bushings. When these bushings do fail, they leave a nice clunking noise and sloppy handling. Energy’s polyurethane can ensure your WRX won’t clunk as you fly down the road. This portion of the master kit will come with two bushings for the vertical position on your front control arms, and two bushings for the horizontal position. Energy has designed the horizontal pieces in a split design. This design allows for an easier installation of this normally tough to install bushing. This kit does not stop there. The rear control arms will be covered as well. All of the positions of the rear controls are covered, front and lower, as well as positions on the trailing arm and the lower toe adjustment. Installing these two kits alone are worth the price of admission, as the benefits are numerous. Improved handling, improved braking, a better feel around corners and perhaps most importantly, durability so you won’t have to install new bushings again.

Endlink Assembly

Sway Bars

Also included in the 19.18102 is new front and rear sway bar bushings and new rear end-link assemblies. New polyurethane sway bar bushings will grip your sway bar tightly, allowing your sway bar to effectively give the performance of a larger sway bar. The vehicle’s sway bar is responsible for maintaining maximum tire contact with the road while cornering and having worn out soft rubber bushing can lead to an uneven load distribution in your tires, causing you to lose speed in the corners and to wear the tires faster. These sway bar bushings will fit a 21mm front and a 16mm rear sway bar only. Many vehicle manufacturer’s do not have a standard size of sway bar even in the same year and model. Whenever choosing after market sway bar bushings, it is very import to measure the sway bar size on your vehicle to make sure the bushings will wrap around your bar. A bushing that is too small will not fit all the way over the bar, and a bushing that is too large will not grip the sway bar tightly leaving a loose bar. Either way, it is very important to get an exact size for proper fitment. Obtaining this measurement is best done with the assistance of callipers, but if this is not available to you, there is a simple way to measure your sway bar with just a wrench and a ruler. There is a how-to video on how to measure your sway bar

Complete Your Upgrade

To complete your suspension upgrade is the rear control arm bushing set. Pretty simply, if any point on your rear control arm has a bushing, this kit has you covered. Not only are there bushings for the upper and lower control arms, but this kit also includes the bushings for the toe adjust link, the subframe and the trailing arm. Just like the front control arm kit steel inner sleeves that match the OE bolt specs are included.

The 19.18102 is manufactured in the United States and is carries a two year warranty. Several tubes of Energy Suspension’s special Formula 5 pre-lube are included to ensure your bushings do not squeak. Check out the Energy Suspension Master Kit 19.18102, and transform your Impreza WRX back to the machine you fell in love with the first time your put the keys in the ignition.

Shifter Bushings